St Francis River Bottom Canines

November 2012 we received the
"Achievement of Excellence" Star Breeder Award.
Hello! I have been a professional breeder of 18 years now. I grew up with dogs in my life and have always had a best friend in them. One of my family's first dogs was a black Cockapoo named "Curly". I wasn't old enough to remember him but to this day he was known for one of the smartest dogs my grandfather and grandmother ever owned. Growing up my mom raised a few litters and became know for her Cocker Spaniels and Dobermans in our area.
Mother also went to college to become a professional
dog trainer so I have learned a lot from her over
the years. Thanks Mom! Little did I know that I
would be doing this as a profession. But I had 2
children and wanted to be home with them and
working part time at our local Head Start I
thought... hey why not just do something I love
and enjoy..."The Dogs". So here I am
providing families and children with the love, loyalty
and companionship I experienced growing up
as a child and even still to this day. Each and every
adult and puppy gets individual love and attention
from me on a daily basis. Everyone is kept current
on vaccinations and monthly de-worming
preventatives. My motto is "you can't have healthy
puppies if you don't have healthy parents". I have
a wonderful husband that now stays home with
me full time and helps me with all the hard labor
and extra's in our kennel....2 boys that help out
with socialization, playtime and some basic chores
with the dogs now and then. I have a great sister
who is a professional dog groomer who has taught
me alot about how to groom, she has 2 little girls
who also are my little socializers for the puppies. And of course a wonderful mother & father in law who has always been here for us, helps us out with odds and ins around our home and kennel, and they've always supported our decisions. Above all we thank and give all credit to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for his love, patience and guidance in helping us to have the life we have today! We hold a Missouri State License. I am and can be inspected by them or AKC at anytime. My vet also comes out for an inspection of the dogs at a min. of once a year with a hands on checkup of each individual dog. Our dogs are bred for health and temperment first, health testing is done to insure continued health in our lines. We abide by all of our strict state laws here in Missouri. Our state is one of the most regulated and supported dog breeding states in the US. Our laws for breeding are pretty well equivalent to your daycare and nursing home rules and regulations. So rest assure you are getting a great, healthy puppy. We enjoy spending time with our dogs and in doing so we choose to show a little in confirmation Dog Shows and are active Sporters. I am a member of the following; Professional Pet Association (PPA), the Missouri Animal Husbandry Association (MAHA), Missouri Federation of Animal Owners (MoFed), Missouri Pet Breeders Association (MPBA) and Missouri Farm Bureau, along with memberhsip in my church Center Hill Baptist. I have held several officers positions within some of these associations in the past and was involved in the formation of MAHA and I am currently our church Clerk. We stand proud and support organizations that fight for our constitutional rights to hunt, own and raise animals in United States!        
Joshua 24:15
St Francis River Bottom Canines

We are located at the edge of the Mingo National Wildlife Refuge, next to the St. Francis River.
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We were awarded the Breeder of the Year Award in 2010 from the MPBA (Missouri Pet Breeders Association) Southeast Chapter!!!!  I'm so very proud to have been recognized for this award.  Thank You All!
Continuing Education is important to help raise our breeding standards
Very proud of my sister for opening up her own grooming salon!
We have been proudly inspected and are in compliance
with AKC Rules & Regulations!!
All of our adult dogs are checked at a minimum of once per year,
with health testing being done where/when needed.
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