Titanium Havanese LLC

November 2012 we received the 
"Achievement of Excellence" Star Breeder Award.
I have been a professional breeder of 24 years now. I grew up with dogs in my life and have always had a best friend in them. One of my family's first dogs was a black Cockapoo named "Curly". I wasn't old enough to remember him but to this day he was known for one of the smartest dogs my grandfather and grandmother ever owned. Growing up my mom raised a few litters and became know for her Cocker Spaniels and Dobermans in our area. 
Mother also went to college to become a professional 
dog trainer so I have learned a lot from her over 
the years. Thanks Mom! Little did I know that I 
would be doing this as a life passion. I had 2 
children and wanted to be home with them and 
working part time at our local Head Start I 
thought... hey why not just do something I love 
and enjoy..."The Dogs". So here I am 
providing families and children with the love, loyalty 
and companionship I experienced growing up 
as a child and even still to this day where it has now
become a dedication and love for the Havanese breed. 
I have an AAS degree in Agribusiness. Each and 
every adult and puppy gets individual love and 
attention from me on a daily basis. Everyone is kept 
current on vaccinations and monthly de-worming 
preventatives. I study bloodlines sometimes for hours 
at a time and go over pedigrees constantly. My 
motto is "you can't have healthy puppies if you don't 
have healthy parents"
I have a wonderful husband that is always willing 
to help me with all the hard labor and extra's.
Above all we thank and give all credit to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for his love and guidance in helping us to have the life we have today and the families He sends our way! 
We hold a Missouri State Hobby/Show Registration. I am and can be inspected by them or AKC at anytime. The vet has also been to my home to see the dogs and where they live giving each individual parent a hands-on checkup. Our dogs are bred for health and temperament firsthealth testing is done to insure continued health in our lines. We abide by all of our strict state laws here in Missouri. Our state is one of the most regulated and supported dog breeding states in the US. Our laws for breeding are pretty well equivalent to your daycare and nursing home rules and regulations. So rest assure you are getting a great, healthy puppy. We enjoy spending time with our dogs and in doing so we choose to show a little in confirmation Dog Shows. Every year I attain continuing education units by traveling and listening to speakers of all kinds to better educate myself as a breeder and keep up with any new changes and new research. I do not have a backyard breeder attitude to just raise puppies for fun but I consider myself to have a serious professional breeder attitude to raise the best. There is a difference, know what is the important aspects of a real breeder. 
What's in a name: We have had a couple of names over the years to be known for that I really like and meant something to us but the best one yet is the one we have tagged our Havanese with- "Titanium". Why Titanium? Me and my husband have always done everything together from finances, purchases, decisions to serving the Lord. We met when I was 16 and he was 19, we married 2 years later in 1999 and from that point forward we were ONE. I wanted a name that we both shared and then thought about combining our names Tim/Tina. What word can I use that uses all the letters of both our names. I started to scribble. I kept seeing Titanium and thought well lets see. It uses all the letters except the u, hmm. I sat and thought for a bit. Then it came to me, it was a match and perfect! Titanium is a strong element, bond forming, and what do we need to become "u"-nited, strong, form an unbreakable bond, whole... 
U oh mighty Lord. We want to breed a healthy, outstanding, strong line of Havanese, united and guided by God. All in His glory! So this name will fit our breed perfectly. And that is why we are Titanium. 

We started in 1999 with Cocker Spaniels, then in 2009 we rescued a couple of Havanese. We were not as familiar with the breed at the time but have since studied, learned and have fell for all their special characteristics they have as a breed. The past 4 years we have only dedicated our breeding and some light showing to only the Havanese and pray to grow on these special attributes.

My statement of defense:
In this doggy world I've been called many hurtful untrue things and the persecution is heartbreaking at times. I do this through the leading of the holy spirit, honestly and the way the law states I should. I've been "dogged" just because I have an LLC to my name, which is just a protection of my home. Yes, the state of Missouri says I have to turn it in as a business and if others are not doing that, then it's probably not legal. If they live in Missouri and are not registered with the state, if they have over 3 intact females and breed one time, they are illegally breeding. Some have flagged me because I have gone to "breeder" seminars and listen to many vet speakers because that is apparently not a place for "good" breeders even though AKC has a huge part in it. And no I'm not going to be a part of the breed club. I respect them and their knowledge and all the information they have formed and know about the breed but that's as far as it will go and most of my families understand that. Our Havanese puppies are NOT born and raised in a kennel they are born and raised in my home where I live. I have even been accused of falling in the bad breeder red flag area because I put the prices of my puppies on the website. This one flabbergasts me! I just feel it's better for you to have all the information you need prior to contacting me, so you can make the best decision for yourself before we move forward with my approval, then we can discuss your further questions. I would be on the phone all day trying to explain everything on the website. I am to busy with my dogs and family for that. The list goes on and on.. And most believe others behind the screen when they haven't even seen the home or dogs of those throwing out the spew. But I've seen the other side and all the nastiness. I truly only know a very small handful of Havanese breeders I can fully trust that will not lie or mislead someone, and I've been doing this for years. I have dedicated hours to educating and helping others, freely giving them what I've learned with my own experiences just to help them become better or save a big expense, represented every good breeder at our state capital when our rights were in jeopardy. I'm not including myself, my family or my dogs in all of this political nonsense. I am not interested in entertaining their gossip forums about others. You do what the Lord is leading you to, this is my statement on any slander and false accusations. I wasn't even going to put this on here but I felt the families should know my true intentions in breeding this awesome breed. 

In His Glory Alone,

Joshua 24:15
Titanium Havanese LLC

We are located at the edge of the Mingo National Wildlife Refuge and Lake Wappapello, close to the St. Francis River.
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We were awarded the Breeder of the Year Award in 2010 from the MPBA (Missouri Pet Breeders Association) Southeast Chapter!!!!  I'm so very proud to have been recognized for this award.  Thank You All!
Continuing Education is important to help raise our breeding standards
Very proud of my sister for opening up her own grooming salon!
We are proudly inspected and in compliance 
with AKC Rules & Regulations!!
All of our adult dogs are vet checked at a minimum of once per year, 
with health testing being done where/when needed.
Havanese OFA Health Testing Parent Club Requirements:
Hips, Knees, Eyes
Additional recommended testing done if we feel it's needed.
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My son with his little chimp cousin...
AAS Agribusiness Degree
"To God be the glory, great things He has done!"
Below is some of our accomplishments and other information about us.
Health, Education, Accountability, Responsibility and Tradition
Some of our first Havanese, we loved the chocolate when we first started with the breed in 2009.