We do have a few options to get your new puppy to your home. 
The care, transport and handling of our puppies is our top priority when our puppies go to their new homes! You can say we are very particular about how our puppies are delivered...

Option #1 - You are welcome to come and pick up your puppy in person, however we do not allow visitors inside the facility, visitors can see the parents of their puppy while they are here. This is to provide security, safety and protection from viruses and diseases to our dogs and puppies. We are not a petting zoo, our dogs and family's protection will come first.

Option #2 We are willing to meet with you partway to help out with driving time and miles. There is no fee for this service if it is within one hundred and twenty miles / two hours of our home. 
We can meet you in the following towns at no charge: Willow Springs, MO; Farmington, MO; Festus, MO; Perryville, MO; Cape Girardeau, MO; Marion, IL; Charleston, MO; Paducah, KY; Dyersburg, TN; Blytheville, AR; Jonesboro, AR; Thayer, MO.  
We can sometimes travel further to meet you it will depend on whether we have new babies and can get away from the house. This is not as easy for us to accomodate (traveling past the above cities) at this time. Traveling further past the farthest cities mentioned is an additional .75 cents a mile one way. Unless otherwise agreed upon.

Option #3 - You can fly into St. Louis, MO, Springfield, MO or Memphis, TN to pick up your puppy in person, we will meet you at the airport and deliver your puppy to you, you must bring an airline approved soft sided pet carrier/bag that will fit underneath the airplane seats. You will also need to bring a small bowl, water, some bedding, baby wipes, paper towels and some small baggies in case of "accidents". For us to meet you at one of these airports it will only be an additional $40 to cover mileage and our expenses. It will be your responsibility to call the airport to make arrangements for bringing a puppy back with you as a carry on.


AS OF AUGUST 1, 2020 WILL NO LONGER BE OFFERING THE PLANE CARGO SHIPPING OPTION. Due to even more regulations and the disadvantage of living so far from our nearest airport it has just became to complicated. We appologive for any invonveniece this may cause to our distant customers. You are more than welcome to find someone who can transport to stand in for you but keep in mind that we will have to approve of the person and will absolutely not use any large scale puppy transporters. 

NOTE:  If you pick the puppy up in Missouri and are buying the puppy as a pet, our state requires us to charge a 6.413 % sales tax on the purchase price of the puppy.

Titanium Havanese LLC


We understand that buying a puppy through the internet can be challenging and unnerving, we completely understand this and welcome you to ask any questions. We want to help make this transaction as comfortable and easy as possible for you! After all this is an exciting new time in your life and we want to be a part of that joy!! 
How to Purchase

We can accept payments by Cash, Paypal, Bank Wire Transfer, or Wal-Mart to Wal-Mart. If you don't have a Paypal account you can still pay using Paypal. A Paypal Invoice can be sent to your email and you can then reply with your debit or credit card to pay securely with Paypal. These are the only options by which we will accept payments; sorry for any inconvenience but we must watch out for our safety as well as the puppy's. PLEASE NOTE:  WE DO NOT ACCEPT MONEY ORDER'S OR CASHIER CHECK'S FOR PAYMENT. We understand this is cash but have also been scammed many times with them.

A small deposit of at least $300 will hold the puppy of your choice with the remaining balance due in full at least 2-3 days prior to delivery if paying with debit/credit card/PayPal through PayPal, bank wire or Walmart options. If paying the balance due at time of pick up it must be paid in cash. Payments are accepted till puppy is paid in full, then after full payment is paid puppy can leave when ready. Please do not ask us to hold a puppy for you that is now ready to leave for more than 3 weeks, that isn't fair for the puppy as they need to bond with their new family. In the event that you can not complete the purchase of the puppy your deposit/payments will be held and you may apply it to a future puppy. 

Please note: We will not tolerate charge-backs! Any charge-backs will be prosecuted to the fullest and will be turned over to a collection agency, after which it will be reported to all credit reporting agencies as an unpaid debt that will remain on your record until paid in full. If you pay with a credit card belonging to someone else the cardholders name will also appear on all the puppy's paperwork along with the actual purchaser's name.

We do give a $100 discount on the purchase of a second puppy, 
if you decide you want 2 puppies!

$50 Military Discount available with proof of service. 
$50  Discount given to Pastor's with proof of service to our Lord.
Your new puppy is currently being feed 
Royal Canin Small Puppy Food
We highly recommend this food and advise you to keep your 
new puppy on this food for at least the first 6 months to 1 year. 
You will receive a small baggy of this food.

From weaning to growth and development, energy 
requirements, immune support and digestive development 
are critical at this stage in a puppy's life. And raising a 
healthy, happy puppy requires time and planning and 
proper nutrition to address his needs. But with the best 
puppy food and a little patience, you can ensure that your 
life together gets off to a great start. 

Nutrition for the Growing Puppy

Every nutrient in your pet’s food should have a specific purpose. From proteins, lipids and carbohydrates to vitamins and minerals, all should be properly balanced, because excesses can be just as detrimental to your puppy as deficiencies.  If these nutrients are fed in the wrong proportions, nutritional deficiencies or excesses can occur, which could lead to long-term damage to the puppy’s health and wellness. 

A quality formula targeting growth should be suited to the type of puppy, according to the size of his breed and his age, his sensitivities or the particular features of his breed.  When a puppy reaches adulthood, a “maintenance” diet should then be selected that precisely meets the adult dog’s requirements.

Royal Canin offers comprehensive health nutrition solutions for every dog, at every life stage.

How To Feed

Your puppy should be given up to four meals a day in the weeks following weaning. The number of meals will vary depending on age, starting with four meals a day, before transitioning to three, and then to two at mid-growth. Always give your puppy food in the same bowl, in the same place to teach good eating habits.

Ideally, food quantity should be based on the growth curve of your specific breed of dog. Overfeeding can cause excess weight gain, obesity in adulthood and joint and bone issues in the large breed puppy.  Be sure to review the feeding guidelines recommended on the packaging of your puppy food formula and measure each serving accordingly.

It's also very important to transition your puppy slowly when you change your puppy’s diet.  Ask the person you obtained the puppy from about their feeding methods (number of meals per day, brand/type of food, etc.), because switching to a new food and routine abruptly can cause digestive upset.

We recommend you visit 
to learn more about Royal Canin Pet Food!

We feed our adult dogs Pro Plan and have really liked how our dogs are doing on it but still prefer the Royal Canin for the babies because it is smaller and has a more encouraging taste for them to eat more and better plus it's a good food to start out on.

We order the Royal Canin online at the link above and we purchase the Pro Plan at either Menards or Orscheln but the pet stores carry it as well if that is easier for you.

Feeding Your Puppy......

Please Note: 
As of May 1, 2017 we will no longer sell to the following state(s) due to over reaching lemon laws we do not agree with:
New Jersey

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause!