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If you are interested or have any additional questions about one of our Havanese puppies just drop us an email or call we would love to hear from you!!

Titanium Havanese LLC

Home:  573-872-7884 (call or text)

Located in Southeast Missouri
Delivery options available, see our "Purchase and Delivery" page for more information.

Available Anytime
Our phone and email is checked several times a day. 
We are a very busy family with our children, farm and dogs/puppies! We ask that you please have patience, respect and understanding when we have timely delays in returning calls or taking pictures, due to rearing our children and puppies, they need our time first. Sometimes emailing or text messaging maybe a better option if we are experiencing a "loud/happy" day around our house :)
We have very poor phone service here as well. If calling please leave message! IF YOU DO NOT LEAVE A MESSAGE WE WILL NOT CALL YOU BACK. If you have not received a return call/message back from us within 24 hours please send a friendly reminder. Thank you :)

At this time we have decided it is best for the safety of our small children, family and pets to allow a visitor/pick up at our home only if a full deposit has been placed on a puppy/litter. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but this will help give us extra security that you are serious and will also keep contact with strangers and traffic to a minimum.

  Reminder: We are not a petting zoo! 

Because of our complete dedication and devoted time to the care and well being of our family and dogs, we cannot act as a pet store, as a place where you can come and see the cute little puppies and doggies. We unfortunately have known of other breeders who have been held at gun point, had puppies stolen and one poor lady was even killed during their visitations. It's happened to my own mother, she had someone come back and try and steal her puppies, thankfully someone was home to stop them! This day in age is not as safe and purebred puppies are in demand and lots of bad people are out there. We prefer to meet in a public place if possible. I will do what's best for my home, family and dogs. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause! More information is on the Havanese Puppy FAQ's page.

We do not allow anyone to come and see the puppies until they are at least 6-7 weeks of age, have had their first vaccinations and deposit placed. All reserved/sold puppies will not be available for viewing by strangers, as these puppies now belong to someone else. The parents if available and the puppy(s) you are interested in will be available for viewing in our "show area" only. This is for bio-security and safety reasons.

A deposit must be placed on a puppy before we will allow you to come out. No exceptions! This is transferable to another puppy if you so choose another puppy that is available at the time you visit. This insurer's you are not wasting my time away from my dogs/puppies and family, helps give a little extra security that you are not a thief or criminal and that you are serious about the commitment. Deposits can be transferred to future litters as well. 
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Titanium Havanese LLC